There are various forms of contracts which Peter A. Koziol may review, draft, negotiate or advise. A non-exhaustive list of possible types of contracts includes: 

401(k) Plans  

Accession Agreements

Accounts Receivable Financing Agreements

Accounts Receivable Purchase Agreements 

Administration Agreements

Administrative Services Agreements

Advertising Contracts

Agency Agreements

Allocation Agreements

Arbitration Agreements

Articles of Associations

Articles of Incorporations

Asset Management Agreements

Asset Purchase Agreements

Asset Transfer Agreements

Assignment Agreements

Assumption Agreements

Assurance Agreements

Audit Committee Charters

Bankruptcy Agreements

Benefit Plans

Bond Purchase Agreements

Bonus Agreements

Bonus Plans

Bonus Programs

Bridge Loan Agreements

Build-to-Suit Agreements

Building and Property Management Services Agreements

Business Separation Agreements

Buy Sell Agreements


Capital Accumulation Plans

Certificate of Incorporations

Change in Control Agreements

Channel Lease Agreements

Charity Planss

Charter Agreements

Clinical Trial Agreements

Co-Brand Agreements

Code of Ethics

Collaboration Agreements

Collateral Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Commercialization Agreements

Commitment Letters

Compensation Committee Charters

Compensation Plans

Concession Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Confirmation Agreements

Construction Contracts

Consulting Agreements 

Continuing Disclosure Undertakings

Contribution Agreements

Conversion Agreements  

Cooperation Agreements 

Copyright Assignment Agreements

Copyright License Agreements

Corporate Governance Agreements

Corporate Governance Charters

Credit Agreements

Custodial Agreements

Dealer Managers Agreements


Deed of Trusts

Deferred Compensation Plans

Deposit Agreements 

Development Agreements 

Director Agreements 

Director Compensation Plan

Director Designation Agreements

Dissolution Plans

Distribution Agreements

Donation Agreements 

Drilling Agreements

Drug Development Agreements

Earn Out Agreements

Easement, Use and Right of Access Agreements

Economic Development Agreements

Employee Matters Agreements

Employee Stock Purchase Plans 

Employment Contracts

End User License Agreements

Equipment Leases

Equity Accumulation Plans

Equity Incentive Plans

Equity Participation Plans

Escrow Agreements

Exchange Agreements

Exclusivity Agreements

Facility Agreements

Factoring Agreements

Fixture Filing Agreements

Forbearance Agreements

Formation Agreements

Foundry Agreements

Framework Agreements

Franchise Agreements

Funding Agreements

Gas Lease and Oil Leases

Gas Supply Agreements

Governance Agreements 

Guaranty Agreements

Hedge Agreements

Hosting Agreements 

Incentive Agreements

Incentive Plans

Indemnification Agreements

Indemnity Agreements


Independent Contractor Agreements

Installment Purchase Agreements

Insurance Agreements

Insurance Plans

Integrator Agreements

Intercompany Agreements

Interconnection Agreements

Intercreditor Agreements

Interest Rate Lock Agreements

Interest Transfer Agreements

Invention Agreements

Investment Agreements 

Investment Plans

Investors’ Rights Agreements

ISDA Master Agreements

Joinder Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Labor Agreements


Lease Guarantees

Legal Opinions

Letter of Intents

License Agreements

Liquidating Trust Agreements

Liquidity Agreements

Litigation Agreements 

LLC Agreements

LLC Operating Agreements

Loan Agreements

Loan Purchase Agreements

Lock-Up Agreements

Management Agreements  

Manufacturing Contracts

Marketing Agreements

Merger Agreements

Mineral Lease and Coal Leases

Mortgage Financing Agreements

Netting Agreements

Nominee Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements  

Note Agreements

Note Purchase Agreements

Novation Agreements

OEM Agreements

Offer Letters

Operating Agreements

Operations Agreements 

Outsourced and Custom Development Agreements

Outsourcing Agreements

Participation Agreements 

Partnership Agreements

Patent Assignment Agreements

Patent License Agreements

Pension Equalization Plans

Placement Agent Agreements  

Pledge Agreements

Pooling Agreements 

Private Placement Agreements

Procurement Contracts

Profit Maintenance Agreements

Profit Sharing Plans

Project Finance Agreements 

Promissory Notes

Proprietary Information Agreements

Proxy Agreements

Proxy Cards

Purchase Agreements

Real Estate Purchase and Sales Agreements

Recapitalization Agreements

Redemption Agreements

Registration Rights Agreements

Relocation Agreements

Relocation Policys

Remediation Agreements

Reorganization Agreement 

Replacement Capital Covenants

Repurchase Agreements

Research Contracts

Reseller Agreements  

Resignation Agreements

Resignation Letters

Restricted Stock Agreements

Restricted Stock Plans

Restructuring Agreements  

Retention Agreements 

Retirement Agreements 

Retirement Plans

Right of First Refusals

Rights Agreements  

Sales Contracts

Secondment Agreements

Security Agreements

Services Agreements

Settlement Agreements 

Severance Agreement and Separation Agreements

Severance Plans

Share Entrustment Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholders' Rights Agreements  

Shortfall Agreements

Split Dollar Agreements

Sponsorship Agreements  

Stock Appreciation Rights Agreements 

Stock Grant Agreements

Stock Option Agreements 

Stock Option Plans

Stock Plans

Stock Purchase Agreements

Stock Transfer Agreements

Subordination Agreements

Subscription Agreements

Succession Agreements

Supply Agreements

Support Agreements

Tag-Along Agreements

Tax Agreements

Tax Sharing Agreements

Technology Transfer Agreements

Time Sharing Agreements

Trademark Assignment Agreements

Trademark License Agreements

Transition Services Agreements

Trust Agreements

Underwriting Agreements

Voting Agreements


Warrant Agreements

The contract and its terms generally depend on unique circumstances with require individual attention and detail.  For an estimate for contract review, drafting or negotiation please contact attorney Koziol.